значок тик ток пнг

значок тик ток пнг

Icons of Tik tok

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интерфейс экрана tik tok в приложении для социальных сетей

tiktok тик ток музыкально логотип значок социальные медиа иконы набор вектор иллюстратор логотип

тикток на экране смартфона

tiktok icons tiktok screen приложение для социальных сетей

интерфейс экрана tik tok в приложении для социальных сетей

красочный баннер в социальных сетях прост в использовании

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минимальный набор кнопок в социальных сетях

набор красочных баннеров в популярных социальных сетях

макеты tik tok и набор значков tiktok интерфейс макета экрана tik tok шаблон приложения для социальных сетей веб символы пользовательский интерфейс блогов приложения концепция социальных сетей концепция tik tok

приложение для социальных сетей tiktok

tiktok тик ток музыкально логотип значок социальные медиа иконы набор вектор иллюстратор логотип

tiktok тик ток музыкально логотип значок социальные медиа иконы набор вектор иллюстратор логотип

tiktok тик ток музыкально логотип значок социальные медиа иконы набор вектор иллюстратор логотип

креативный видео интерфейс tiktok

социальные медиа золотой комплект набор премьер

экран съемки приложения tiktok

роскошный золотой набор социальных медиа 2

тик ток и набор иконок тик ток

королевская роскошь золотой социальных медиа “set2

роскошный золотой пакет набор социальных медиа 3

Интерфейс экрана тик ток и значки тик ток в приложении для социальных сетей на телефоне

королевская роскошь золотой пакет набор социальных медиа

королевский простых золотых социальные медиа “набор

роскошный золотой пакет набор социальных медиа

социальные медиа установлен сбор легко текст

youtube социальные медиа перспективы 3d

социальные медиа значок обновления баннер

популярные социальные медиа квадратные формы элемент

королевский простых золотых социальные медиа “установлены 2

социальные медиа icon set коллекцию

социальные медиа установлены 2 сбора легко текст

соответствие социальных медиа перспективы 3d

социальные медиа квадратные формы элемент

королевская роскошь золотой пакет набор социальных медиа 3

второй набор социальных медиа золотая связка премьер

whatapp социальные медиа перспективы 3d

интерфейс и значок тиктока

twitter социальные медиа перспективы 3d

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Download the new Tik Tok logo png 2020 latest. If you need help or support with your Douyin logo and marketing, contact us 🙂

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Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media platforms in China, also known as Douyin. You can download this Tik Tok logo png for free!

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Currently valued at $75 billion by Pitchbook, TikTok has recently surpassed Uber as the world’s highest-valued startup. Some of its key benefits for marketers are:

  • Higher usage: Of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly users, 63% of those continue to log at least once a day (Hootsuite). With TikTok, although still significantly smaller with 500 million active users, over 90% of their total users access the app every single day (orberlo). Additionally, of that 90%, the average time each user is spending on the app is 52 minutes per day. In comparison, Instagram’s average consumption from daily users is 28 mins (Hootsuite).
  • Better content production options: Tiktok is made for creators via their user-friendly in-app features, such as interactive gesture filters and built-in music capabilities. This encourages experimentation with content – which fuels hyper publishing from younger demographics who love to express themselves on Tiktok. It is less about perfection and more about creating easy-to-produce fun videos that entertain. According to influencer marketing hub, over 53% of users uploaded a video in the past month.
  • Gen Z loves Tiktok. 42% of all TikTok users are between 16-24. Tiktok currently connects with a younger generation in a way that their competitors haven’t. By focusing on comedy and fun, it offers a creative outlet and an escape from the seriousness of life challenges. The swipe feature on the homepage acts as a hybrid of Instagram’s ‘explore’, constantly adapting to your interests and serving you an endless stream of content that is undeniably addictive. Outside of the gaming market,
  • Popular. TikTok is the only app in the Top 5 download that is not part of the Facebook group. It is currently sitting third behind Whatsapp and Messenger. Currently, TikTok has reached over 1.5 billion global downloads. Reaching 1 billion in February 2019, then taking just 8 months to gain half a billion more (SensorTower).
  • Adults start using Tiktok. in the US, TikTok’s adult audience is accelerating. In less than 18 months, the number of adult users has grown by 5.5% (oberlo). The significant growth is down to multiple factors – a significant one being Jimmy Fallon’s partnership with the platform. Fallon’s ‘TikTok’ challenge, which was born out of organic interest before evolving into a partnership, was centred around the #TumbleWeedChallenge and took place in late 2018. According to Tubefilter, his on-air endorsement of the platform generated over 8,000 submissions and 10.5 million impressions. At the time, it was the app’s largest spike since it was launched in 2016 and bumped TikTok’s overall number of downloads up to almost 80 million in the U.S.
  • Great partners. Since November 2018, TikTok has announced key partnerships in the States, including the recent deal with the NFL. The deal, centred around more ‘challenges’ was described by CNBC as “The NFL hoping TikTok will help it score with young viewers.”
  • Huge opportunity. For all the American interest, the majority of marketers have remained relatively skeptical of the platform. According to Digiday, only 4% of US marketers admit to TikTok being part of their campaign strategy. In the same study, Facebook remained in the plans of 89% of strategies. Either the rapid rise of TikTok, or the possibility of engaging with an audience that lacks spending power may be factors marketers are facing when incorporating TikTok. Whilst up and coming creators may be more focused on rattling out content than securing brand deals, from a marketing perspective, it remains very early days. However, few could deny the cultural relevance and TikTok has gathered. The sheer volume of users, regardless of age, simply cannot be ignored. To close out, the Top 52 Creators on the platform have more followers than the combined population of Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia and US. Although many users will be repeated followers, it hardly diminishes the representation of the growing influence of TikTok.

If you haven’t heard much about it yet, you will do soon.

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